Farewell, Twitter!

Dear friends,

The time has come for me to leave the Twitter flock.

If you are the sort of person who finds such things amazing, it is quite amazing that — in all of space and in all of time — a path of my life’s journey crossed with yours. And that too while together building a company that has surely put a little dent in the universe. I have a great sense of pride and gratitude to have been a small part of this. I hope and wish for you that a corner of your heart feels that way too. And I have full faith that you all are going to make this dent bigger.

As I write this, so many memories flash across my mind almost making me relive the feelings and emotions I have experienced these last five years. Of those that will endure though will be about all of you. Perhaps that is what it is all about when all is said and done. To work with people that you come to respect and to give your best so that hopefully they come to respect you too.

What am I going to do next? I am looking forward to the next phase. I don’t need a break, but I am going to take one. It is not going to be short either. It will involve reading and traveling and thinking. Definitely some recreational coding and perhaps a bit of writing too.

I sincerely wish you the very best in Twitter and in life. I hope that our paths will cross again sometime in the future.

See you



1 thought on “Farewell, Twitter!

  1. Cool! All the best, my friend. I am sure this was a beautiful journey that all of us want to do in our life. I am glad you have the sense of pride, achievement and happiness.

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